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Getting started with WebGL – Part 3

Introduction   Our program is ready. We will feed this program from JS with our coordinates and launch the program.   Sending static JS coordinates to the program Loading the static JS coordinates into a buffer The WebGL API works with strongly typed data. In our vertex shader, we defined  the “position” attribute with type […]

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Getting started with WebGL – Part 2

Introduction   Having introduced the drawing pipeline in a preceding article, we will now code a first example. We will initialize a HTML canvas to draw on, and then write the shaders that constitute our program     Initialize a canvas All the code is available at To get it, you may run those […]

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Getting started with WebGL – Part 1

Introduction   This introduction requires no prior knowledge in geometry or maths, but still requires a good 15min of your time so treat yourself with a cup of coffee and let’s get started! WebGL enables us to perform 3D rendering in an HTML page without the use of plug-ins. A WebGL program consists of a […]

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