Congrats Ubeeqo!

Ubeeqo is the french leader in the carsharing B2B service, and Europcar is a car rental company that operates a fleet of over 200,000 vehicles in only 143 different countries.

Today, Europcar announced its first strategical acquisition of a majority stake of Ubeeqo! Why “Strategical”? Because it’s preparing an IPO!

And Ubeeqo’s future is soon to be new mobilities european leader! Why is that? Because Europcar will also subscribe to a capital inscrease of 4 million euros to make it happen.

We are very happy for both of them knowing that we have been working with Ubeeqo for 5 years to make it a reality, and we hope that this partnership will remain strong and last much longer. Ubeeqo is a great company where they are working on the future of mobility, their vision: “mobility will be connected, global and contextualized.”

Philippe Germond, CEO of Europcar said: “Nous sommes extrêmement séduits par l’ingéniosité et l’audace des solutions imaginées par Ubeeqo” which means that he is impressed of the ingenuity and audacity of Ubeeqo’s solutions.