It is summer time !

Right now the weather in Paris is pretty hot. People tend to take large breaks to lunch. Our employees decided to turn this situation into a team building event. Every day, two different persons cook summer recipes for everyone.

It is going on for a week or so and I can tell you as a manager that this is great because:


  • you earn time, don’t have to go outside to choose where you gonna eat, what and to end up queuing.
  • Once a week, you will have to spend 45 min shopping goods and cooking for everybody, but cooking is definitely a more enjoyable activity than waiting to get your order. Inovia people like creative activity, and cooking is considered like this in France.
  • you eat healthy food. So you are in a better shape for a great afternoon of work.
  • you earn money, because cooking for 15 people or so cost definitely less than buying already made food. Count 3.5 euros per person, all included.
  • you share a meal with your coworkers. This is the coolest part !

Luckily our office in Paris got an amazing kitchen where any food delight can come true.

We wish you a happy summer time !